Not all Wool is Created Equal

Wool-Producing Animals

In textiles, wool is a mammalian fiber obtained from sheep, camelids, goats, rabbits, and other mammals.

Image: Vicuna


Long Wool Sheep

Image: Perendale sheep
Perendale Sheep

History of Perendale Sheep The Perendale breed was one of the numerous achievements of Sir Geoffrey …

Image: Romney sheep on the farm
Romney Sheep

Origin and a little history of Romney sheep breed. Characteristics of the animal and its wool from t…

Mountain Sheep

Image: Kerry Hill Sheep
Kerry Hill Sheep

Originated in Powys county of Wales, Kerry Hill sheep are excellent farm animals producing medium-to…


Image: Alpaca
Alpaca Festival in Sierra Vista

Alpaca festival at the local Alpaca ranch celebrates natural lpaca, Angora goat and rabbit fibers, f…

Image: vicunas
Vicuna Wool – the Golden Fleece

Vicuna is an ancestor of alpaca and the smallest undomesticated camelid living in the Central Andes …

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