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After finishing the first part of the project, I took a little break. Finally, I returned to my sari silk pillow and finished it. When I started my project, I was going to make two pillows with the sari silk top on one side and cotton fabric on the back. As I was making the pillows, I couldn’t find cotton fabric in my stash that would be a perfect match. I did not want to go shopping because of the pandemic. So, I ended up combining the two woven tops and constructing one pillow.

To make it more visually interesting and versatile, I changed the order of colors in my second pillow top. The first part has orange on the outside and green inside. The second part is just the opposite, with green on the outside and orange strips in between the green ones.

Both sides are so pretty! I cannot make up my mind about which side I like better.

Image: Second woven pillow top
The second woven pillow top hot off the loom

The next step was to use the same silky liner and embellish my sham with cotton lace. The result was just as adorable as the first half of the project.

Image: Irregular fabric grain
The irregularities in the fabric grain render the handiwork a more authentic look.

After finishing the liner and embellishments, I reinforced the fabric edges with a so-called sewn-out zig-zag stitch. It was not absolutely necessary, but I wanted to add some extra durability.

Finally, the two pieces were combined to complete the pillow case with a small opening on one side.

Image: Sari silk woven pillowcase
Finished pillowcase with a small opening on the right for stuffing.
Image: The pillowcase on each side.
The pillowcase on each side.

The fluffy stuffing was distributed with care to make sure that every corner has an equal amount of stuffing and that the pillow looks and feels very smooth and even. And here it is, stuffed and smiling at you like a happy seal basking on a beach.

Image: Stuffed pillow ready to be sealed.
Stuffed pillow ready to be sealed.

The parts of the opening were hand-stitched together. The pillow is finished.

Image: Sari silk and cotton decorative pillow.
Sari silk and cotton decorative pillow.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my project and looking at the pictures.

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