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Mulberry Silk Yarn, Lace Weight – 40 Colors


Delightful 100% mulberry silk yarn is ideal for spring and summer garments. Use this yarn for knitting, weaving, crocheting, embroidery, and other fiber crafts. The 48/2 Nm silk yarn is wound on spools to prevent tangling. Choose from 40 colors and two different sizes.


What is Lace Weight Mulberry Silk Yarn?

Pure mulberry silk yarn is ideal for warm season garments. Cool to touch and skin-friendly this silk will make any craft a dazzling piece.  Use this silk yarn by itself or ply it with wool, alpaca, linen, or other natural fibers.

The yarn is wound on spools to prevent tangling.

Yarn content: 100% mulberry silk yarn.

Yarn count: 48/2 Nm*.

* Nm stands for Number Metric. 1 Nm means 1000 meters of single strand per 1 kilogram or 1 meter in 1 gram of yarn. The second number designates the number of strands or plies. This yarn is 48/2 Nm. The number 48 indicates that 48 meters of single-ply yarn are in 1 gram. This yarn is 2-ply meaning that 24 meters are in 1 gram of this yarn.

As a reference point, a sewing thread is 200/2 Nm. This yarn is much thicker but is still a lace yarn.

The photo below compares this yarn with a finer 60/2 Nm mulberry silk yarn with a yarn count of 60/2 Nm and a cotton embroidery thread.

Image: Yarn comparison

Close-up photo of 48/2 Nm silk yarn:

48/2 Nm mulberry silk yarn strand

How to use 48/2 Nm Mulberry Silk Yarn?

Crafts and Gifts

This yarn can be used for lace knitting and crochet, weaving, embroidery, and other art projects. Garments made with this yarn are very soft and cool to touch with an excellent drape and brilliant luster. Perfect for Spring and Summer garments.

Below is a photo of a crocheted mulberry silk scarf.

Image: crocheted silk scarf

The cardigans below are for children of about 4′ – 4’3″ high. Each cardigan requires 5 spools.

Image: silk cardigans for children


Silk Lace Knitting Projects

Image: gossamer silk tunic

Plying Mulberry Silk Yarn with other Fibers

This yarn is ideal for adding to wool or alpaca yarns for knitting, machine knitting, weaving, or crocheting. It adds a silky sheen to your woolen project and keeps the wool from stretching.

Silk comes in fine filaments that are extremely strong and stretch-resistant. When plied with alpaca or wool yarns, it stabilizes it and prevents stretching.

I ply silk with my hand-spun lace-weight Rambouillet yarn for the lace garments. I incorporate Shetland gossamer patterns into the garments I produce.

When adding silk to wool yarns, you can twist them on a spinning wheel or simply knit two yarns together as two parallel strands without twisting. Both methods produce excellent results.

This particular order ships from China. Each color lot is dyed individually. Delivery time is two-to-three weeks. Please purchase enough yarn from the same lot to avoid color variations. Please contact me with any questions.


Additional information

Dye Color

The colors in the photos may appear differently on various monitors and even browsers. There is a slight color variation between different dye lots of the same color. Silk is a very shiny and lustrous material offering rich colors and radiant reflections. The actual color that you receive may look slightly different.

Fiber Content

100% Mulberry Silk

Yarn Count

48/2 Laceweight Yarn, 2-ply




OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified Manufacturer


100 g / 3.53 oz, 50 g / 1.76 oz

5000 Series Yarn Color

5001 Natural Undyed, 5002 Snow White, 5003 Cream, 5004 Ivory, 5005 Bone, 5006 Pistachio, 5007 Avocado, 5008 Olive Green, 5009 Light Sage, 5010 Moss, 5011 Samson Tea Rose, 5012 Coral, 5013 Barn Red, 5014 Sangria, 5015 Red Currant, 5016 Ruby, 5017 Straw, 5018 Raw Sienna, 5019 Tangerine, 5020 Lavender, 5021 Raspberry, 5022 Brick Red, 5023 Auburn, 5024 Spice, 5025 Brown, 5026 Emerald, 5027 Dark Green, 5028 Dark Brown, 5029 Pearl Gray, 5030 Steel Gray, 5031 Slate Gray Light, 5032 Antique Blue, 5033 Turquoise, 5034 Royal Blue, 5035 Midnight Blue, 5036 Night Sky, 5037 Denim Blue, 5038 Dark Navy Blue, 5039 Eclipse, 5040 Black


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