My Fashion and Fiber Adventures

Image: Alpaca
Alpaca Festival in Sierra Vista

Alpaca festival at the local Alpaca ranch celebrates natural lpaca, Angora goat and rabbit fibers, f…

Image: Lace alpaca cowl
Hoof to Hanger: How Alpaca Fleece Becomes Clothing

The steps include: alpaca sheering; skirting or removal of debris; scouring (washing) fleece; dyeing…

Image: Sari silk pillow
Sari Silk Pillow Fashioned on a Rigid Heddle Loom: Part II

Sari silk pillow woven with mercerized cotton yarn and embellished with cotton lace. It can be decor…

Image: weaving
Sari Silk Pillow Fashioned on a Rigid Heddle Loom: Part I

Cotton lace embellished sari silk pillow features handwoven pillowcase using silk fabric and a merce…

Image: Wool rugged mittens
White-and-Blue Romney Wool Rugged Mittens

A step-by-step transformation of the fleece into a pair of mittens: spinning, plying, making skeins,…

Image: Making process of the lace tunic
Handspun and Hand-knitted Hickory-dyed Lace Tunic

How I made my Wool Lace Tunic from Start to Finish Making things from scratch is so rewarding! So, w…

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