Tag: Flatbed Knitting Machine

  • Open Cast On

    Open Cast On

    Open cast-on, aka provisional or invisible cast-on, is the type of cast-on that produces unfastened stitches that will unravel whenever possible.

  • E-Wrap Cast On

    E-Wrap Cast On

    In machine knitting, e-wrap (aka e-loop) is a type of cast-on in which the yarn is wrapped around each needle counterclockwise forming loops that look like a lower case letter “e”.

  • E-Wrap Cast On with an Anchor

    E-Wrap Cast On with an Anchor

    E-wrap cast on with an anchor helps avoid flaws of the regular e-wrap cast on. This method saves time and gives a professional look.

  • Crochet Cast On

    Crochet Cast On

    Crochet cast on is a simple way to create a neat and even border using crochet hook or a latch tool on a flatbed knitting machine.

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