Image: Side slant pocket
How to Make Side Slant Pockets: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial on how to make side slant pockets. These pockets are very comfortable, and fit…

Image: Bodice pattern
How to to Draft a Basic Bodice Pattern (Sloper) Quickly and Efficiently

How many times have you drafted a bodice pattern following instructions, only to have your head spin…

Image: patterns on hangers
Key Points in Sewing Pattern Making

Mode, material, and measurements are the three basic concepts (3 Ms) of pattern making.

Image: woven fabric
Three Main Types of Woven Fabric

The three main types of woven fabric are: plain weave, twill, and satin weave. All other weave struc…

Image: stack of fabrics
Yarn & Fabric Types by Content

Two fabric types classified by content are natural and synthetic. See summary tables of fiber & fabr…

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