Category: Wool-Producing Animals

  • Alpaca Festival in Sierra Vista

    Alpaca Festival in Sierra Vista

    Alpaca festival at the local Alpaca ranch celebrates natural lpaca, Angora goat and rabbit fibers, fleece process, natural wool yarns and garments.

  • Vicuna Wool – the Golden Fleece

    Vicuna Wool – the Golden Fleece

    Vicuna is an ancestor of alpaca and the smallest undomesticated camelid living in the Central Andes of South America. Vicuna is known for the exceptionally fine, soft, and warm wool.

  • Perendale Sheep

    Perendale Sheep

    History of Perendale Sheep The Perendale breed was one of the numerous achievements of Sir Geoffrey Peren, the professor, the Principle, and the Chair of Agriculture at Massey Agricultural College. The school later became a part of Massey University in New Zealand. Professor Peren took a major part in the creation of the breed by…

  • Romney Sheep

    Romney Sheep

    Origin and a little history of Romney sheep breed. Characteristics of the animal and its wool from the perspective of a farmer and a spinner.

  • Kerry Hill Sheep

    Kerry Hill Sheep

    Originated in Powys county of Wales, Kerry Hill sheep are excellent farm animals producing medium-to-soft fleece and even great as pets.

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